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FAQs About Linen sprays.

What is Linen spray?

Linen spray is a household liquid product that eliminates undesired odors and infuses laundry, apparel, and home textiles with a pleasant scent. Our high-quality bed sheet spray  also doubles as an air freshener in your home and car.

How can I use linen spray

Linen spray has many uses that go way beyond what its name suggests. While refreshing your bedding is a big reason to stock up on this product, there are other ways to take advantage of our high-quality essential-oil and high quality fragrance to freshen every fabric in your home, office and car.


Does linen spray help with sleep?

Linen spray releases a comforting, feel-good scent onto your bedding, infusing a measure of intentionality into your sleep sanctuary. Incorporating calming fragrances, like lavender and other essential oils, into your bedtime routine can help signal to your body that it's time for sleep.

How long does linen spray last?

Linen spray aroma lasts for a day up to three days when sprayed, more often than not. The actual lasting period depends on the space's air circulation. Sprayed on bedding or other fabrics, the aroma of linen spray can last up to a week or so.

Can i use linen spray as perfume?

Although they smell great and can be more affordable than designer scents, room sprays tend to have a higher concentration of alcohol and  These substance can trigger skin irritation, that's why healthcare professionals don't advise wearing room sprays directly on your skin.

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